Jan 5, 2008


Another prop for the short film:

Some sort of futuristic PDA but roughly the size of an A4 paper. Why gadgets like this grow bigger instead of smaller? so that you can touch the screen with your finger instead of poking it with a bloody stylus!

Geeky details:

You might not see it here but the screen is actually transparent, the user can look through to the other side when using it. I designed it so:

- The device can interface with it's environment or other electronic systems when the user holds it up and "look" at the subject through this device. Imagine looking through the screen and snapping a picture, the picture will be captured just the way you saw it through the screen.

- The user can hold it up and read sms'es while driving. (not advisable)


johnathan said...

hmmm interesting, so when is this going to be out in the market?

deksuteru said...

Hopefully in my lifetime.

Have been rather busy the last couple of weeks so I haven't been able to put in a lot of time in personal stuff.

But at least I'm still working on it, albeit very slowly.