Jan 3, 2008

Street Fighter IV

I was never a fan of fighting games, but this one got my attention.

I'm really digging the shading style employed in this game. Basically it's 3D fighting game (what isn't 3d nowadays...), but it retains the hand-painted look of the original games instead of just the oh-so overused normal-map shading .

Kudos to the look-dev department for coming up with such a unique style that, IMHO, set it apart from other fighting games in the market.

Download the gameplay video here


Boon said...

of all the SF series, i like the Alpha..well, at least everybody's younger and the impact of the combo is cool!

too bad it doesn't have those bonus stage where there's a car for u to whack also there aren't any props for u to break~

*wow, ur blog layout is really phucked up man~*

deksuteru said...

Unfortunately...this is actually one of the templates that I picked from a list....

Oh yea the car bashing I remember that...I also vaguely remember bashing a satellite or something....good old days

deksuteru said...

Oh hey you're the first to comment on my new blog...weeeee

johnathan said...

I heard the game still plays in 2D, the best for the SF series, just that the graphics have evolved to 3D. And yeah, nice look to it, can't wait for the game!

deksuteru said...

I think gameplay-wise it won't bring anything new to the table. At the end of the day it'll just be the same game in a prettier package.

The graphics are innovative, but not really interactive.