Jan 25, 2008

Sheer hot-ness on wheels

If you're a petrol head, here's something to add to the list of cars-I-want-but-probably-can-never-afford :

This is the Lamborghini Reventón (Pronounced Re-ben-ton), the latest in Lamborghini's line of exotic sports cars. Although it is essentially a Murciélago LP640 under the hood, the Reventón is styled after a F-22 Raptor stealth jet, with distinct angled lines, LED lighting and my favourite: rims with angled spokes designed to draw air in to cool the brakes. However, the theme does not end with exterior.

The designs of the interior dashboard's digital display are also inspired by fighter jet cockpit displays, including a G-force meter in the middle, to name a few.

Unfortunately, it is reported that only 20 units will be manufactured, costing about a million euros each (about RM4.7 milion) hence making it the most expensive Lamborghini car ever. Seems the only opportunity to drive it is if it gets included in the next Need For Speed game.

But hey, if you're looking to buy me a car, I'd settle for a Murciélago if it means less trouble for you :P

geek P/S : Considering how many hobbyist 3D modelers like to model exotics, plus the off-the-scale coolness associated with this car, I would expect 3D models of the Reventón to be all over the CGI community soon. Let's see if someone comes up with a Transformers version :)


Boon said...

well, if u can't get one..model one :D

deksuteru said...

I'm sure someone will...

and why do you always comment on my blog during working hours? You must be very free :D