Aug 28, 2008


Meet Jack. He's a disembodied head and has no hair....

....or, he was an exercise in modeling and texturing a photo-real head in Lightwave3D.

In terms of modeling, let me just admit that Poser models make great references as far as topology and polygon flow is concerned.

For the shading, the simple skin SSS material node in LW was also a godsend in this case: it was fairly straightforward to set up and although I did went through the trouble of painting separate maps for the diffuse, specular color, Epidermis and subdermis color, one could have simply used just the color picker in the node and should still get some fairly good results.

I can foresee some limitations, though I figured there would be a workaround some way considering the immense robustness of LW's nodal surface system.

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