Aug 20, 2008


Helicopters for the in-house project that we're doing. Basically they are near-future versions of helicopters that are currently serving the US military forces. The image on the top of each pair is the 3D render, while the bottom image is the real helicopter which it was based off.

These 3D models will be seen constantly moving from quite a distance away in the film, so I have left out the details while leaving enough visual noise that it should look fairly realistic even at medium distance.

Based on the iconic tandem rotor CH-47 "Chinook" heavy lift helicopter. I have conveniently christened my version the Chinook II.

Based on the MH-53 "Pave Low". Some might recognize the "Pave Low" chopper as the first Decepticon's (Blackout) alternate mode in the Michael Bay Transformers film. The "Pave Low" is in turn a variant of the HH-53 "Super Jolly Green Giant". I picked it as the basis of my design simply because it is a big ass helicopter.


藍空 said...

Wow, geng, wat software u use?

deksuteru said...

Helo (Whoops can't see chinese characters on my computer...:P)

Thanks, I use Newtek Lightwave 3D most of the time.

Your Zeta looks pretty hot too!

藍空 said...

Thanks, and nice to meet u, can i ask u 1 question? hw u make the 3D object match with real photo? i also wan learn about it, any tutorial can recommend to me?thx

deksuteru said...

Do you mean matching a 3D object against against a photo background, or creating a 3D rendering that looks like a photo?

Why don't you post your work-in-progress in your blog so I know what you're after.

藍空 said...

ya,i mean matching a 3D object against a photo background, n ask u 1 more question, did u teaching at tarc before?

deksuteru said...

There are so many ways, the easiest being using a HDR image as a background. Look it up in google I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials.

Yes, I think I taught you guys's not something I brag about :P