Jul 29, 2009

Transformers RTS?

After watching a trailer about a new Mechwarrior game in the making, I got my hands on MechCommander 2 (Which is free for download and legal, btw) to re-live the exhilaration of commanding those hulking mechs into battle.

While I was busy blowing shit up in the game, I thought about another robot-related franchise: Transformers. Then I thought: wouldn't it be awesome if somebody made a Transformers real-time strategy / tactical game.

Due to the limited numbers of characters in the franchise, I would imagine the gameplay to be similiar to MechCommander or even Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War, for example:

  • Instead of mining resources, the player capture resources points to call in more allies or equipment.
  • No base-building. Installations, if any, shall be in the form of transformed robots that is mobile and capable of combat.
  • Limited number of units per mission. Like a squad-based strategy or tactical game.
  • Featuring battlefields in Cybertron as well as Earth, with differing priorities in the diverse environment for opposing forces.
  • Active units can salvage parts from destroyed units.
  • Diverse range of unit expertise, eg. Optimus Prime is excellent in melee fights, where as Ironhide is a long range expert etc. Skill points can be earned and distributed for each unit.
  • Functional combat roles for the units alternate modes. In fact, some objectives can't be achieved without using their alternate mode.
That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I hope some big shot game developer would stumble upon this post and decided that he would go ahead and make it. I wouldn't mind if he decides to share some profit with me too :P

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