Feb 15, 2009

V for Valentine

This year's Valentines we decided to visit the Look Out Point aka Little Genting for a piece of the alleged breathtaking mountain view of KL.

The only resemblance to the actual Genting Highlands was the steep, winding road. But the view was as splendid as advertised, something the highland resort couldn't hope to emulate.

We had a light dinner at the Gasoline restaurant, one of the three restaurants there, and was lucky to get a relatively strategic table with a view. The service, however, was awful. If you intend to dine at any one the restaurants there, make sure you call to reserve a table.

EDIT: I have been duly told that Little Genting is NOT Look Out Point, regardless of what google maps told me. Damn you, Internet!


cfh said...

how awful?

deksuteru said...


To us and every other Malaysian there:
No one bothered to get us a table when we arrived, waited 10 minutes to order, another 20 minutes for the bill.

To the gwai lou sitting behind me:
A waiter was already waiting patiently beside them even before there were seated.

Go figure.