Jun 12, 2008

Movie - Kung Fu Panda

Bought this from McDonalds. I was tempted to get the whole set (eight characters in all, if I remember correctly), but I decided I need petrol more than toys. Note Michaelangelo and Leornado flanking our ass-kicking Panda.

I was half expecting the panda to wake up and say

"I know Kung Fu..."

and Shifu replying

"Show me..."

Of course, there wasn't a scene like that. That's what set it apart from all other Dreamworks Animation films: it did not rely on contemporary celebrity and pop references to make it's laughs, something that sourly plague their other animated features such as Shrek and Shark Tale. It managed to stand on it's on feet with it's own brand of humour

Jack Black was fantastic as the voice of Po, the titular character, so was Dustin Hoffman as his master. The animation was great as expected, but the visuals was simply stunning, emulating the epic vistas and vivid colors seen in the 2002 Chinese movie Hero.

It has been receiving raving reviews so far, some of them going as far as hailing it to be the best Dreamworks animated feature to date. I've seen it, and I like it, so there.

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