Apr 29, 2009

Warning - not a multi-tasker

It seems that I have a very developed sense of awareness, which is unfortunate as I lack the proportionate attention span nor the short term memory. When I'm on a project, I often get distracted by something shiny and hops off after it like a horny rabbit. When I come back to it, I'll forget what I was doing and wastes more time trying to figure it out before getting it wrong anyway.

This explains my mountainous amount of unfinished personal projects. I have learned to leave notes and take screenshots of any work-in-progress for my future self's reference, nonetheless I would be defeated by my other flaws called Lazy-ass(tm) and Procrastination(tm).

In fact, I'm blogging right now when I should be working.

Poor Phoebe, who has to put on headphones when watching The Gem of Life so that I wouldn't be drawn to the mesmerizing sound of Hong Kong dramas playing from a laptop.

That did not stop me from reading the subtitles, though.